Juli Plc was incorporated on September 14, 1972 as a Private Limited Liability Company under the name Juli Pharmacy (Nigeria) Limited while actual business started earlier on Monday 2, 1971. From inception, the company was established to carry on the professional business in the areas of distribution, wholesale and retail of pharmaceutical products.

By a Special Resolution of the Board, the Company’s name was changed to Juli Pharmacy and Stores (Nigeria Limited) on March 14, 1997 to meet the diversification objective of the Company which it embarked upon in 1976.

By 1985, the Company already had 22 branches nationwide. The company went public through an offer for subscription on February 10, 1986 and was listed on November 7, 1986 as the first indigeneously promoted company in Nigeria to be quoted on The Nigeria Stock Exchange. The company’s name was changed from Juli Pharmacy Plc to Juli Plc on August 22, 1991 to reflect the flexibility in its marketing strategy. The company re-approached the capital market through a hybrid offer in March 2003.

The company is reputable for providing services in retail, wholesale and importation of pharmaceutical products and pioneered the philosophy of pharmaceutical chain stores in Nigeria. It has over the years enjoyed tremendous goodwill in the market. In 2005, the company extended its health care delivery services by including Diagnostic Services (Laboratory and Scan Services) to complement the retail business.

In 2011, the company embarked on further diversification of its operations that culminated in the production of Juli-Life Water and the importation of its own brands of pharmaceutical products (G-Plus Caps – multivitamins and minerals and Methaderm-P Cream) all of which were introduced into the market within the first quarter of 2012.

Contact: JULI HOUSE, 19 Kodesoh Street, PMB 21222, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. | Official Email: juli@juliplc.com.ng
Hotlines -> Pharmacy: 09090551083, 08170526972 | Laboratory Services: 09090551092 | Admin Department: 09090551086

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